5 Steps to Having the Best Curb Appeal in Plymouth County!

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Now that spring is gradually turning into summer inPlymouth County, the trees, grass and flower gardens are really bursting to life, blanketing yards in a sea of colors and fragrances! Now is the perfect time of year to increase your curb appeal and really wow potential homebuyers when they pass by or stop by for an open house!

As your South of Boston real estate agent, I want to provide pointers for upping your curb appeal and really standing out as a home seller in thePlymouth County real estate market.  Here are some great tips from Better Homes & Gardens:

Create symmetry. This means that what you have on one side, you should also consider adding to the other side. For example, if you display a large planter on one side of the garage, you’d also do it on the other. You could flank the driveway or the walkway with landscape lighting. By the front door, you could boast two hanging baskets, two flower pots or two lantern-style lights on each side of the door or porch.

Focus on details. Once you get used to a way something looks, it’s hard to see it from a neutral point of view. Stand back by the curb and really focus on all aspects of your Plymouth, MA area house. Ask a neighbor or friend to help you out. This includes the house numbers, the front door, the light fixtures, the garage door, the siding, the landscaping and so on. Do bushes need trimming? Does the siding need a power wash? Could the mailbox use a fresh coat of paint? Take notes.

Emphasize the front entry. If you’ve only got minutes or hours to spare, you could still make a big difference in the visual appeal of your Plymouth, MA house by focusing on the main focal point, the front entry. Add a seasonal wreath on your front door. Place a new, clean welcome mat down by the door. Brush the stoop and walkway free of debris. Clean the windows by the door. Bring an indoor plant outside for an open house, or purchase a container garden from a local nursery. Repaint the front door. Painting the front door a bright color will give your house instant flare and a memorable feature.

Keep the yard immaculate. With more time, you can plant perennial gardens in your yard by digging away the dirt, planting the flowers and filling the area with mulch or surrounding it with garden stones. Consider planting shade trees if you don’t have any. With less time, you could plant annuals along your front bushes or around tree trunks. Fertilize your lawn and keep it mowed, watered and raked. Clean up toys and yard tools after every use so the yard is empty of clutter. If you have pets, clean up after them.

Do serious work. If there are features of your South of Boston home that need to be replaced before you show the house to potential homebuyers, it’s worth doing it now. Patch up your roof, clean out your gutters, power wash your siding and giving it a fresh coat of paint if needed. Check for sturdiness of your porch railings, light fixtures, mailbox, window trim, window shutters and more. You want everything in top-notch shape when homebuyers are passing by and/or stopping by.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to having the most impressive curb appeal on your Plymouth County block! If you have more questions, or you’re ready to post a listing orhost an open house, contact me, your South of Boston real estate agent! I can supply you with all the information you need about the Plymouth County real estate market to ensure that your house is competitively priced and marketed. I look forward to helping you sell your Plymouth, MA area home!