Why Your South of Boston Home Might Not Be Selling

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As a South of Boston real estate agent, I know how much it means to my home-selling clients to get their Plymouth County home sold as fast as possible. It relieves the stress and anxiety of waiting, it allows them to move on with their life plans, and it prevents an expired real estate listing from occurring.
What is an expired real estate listing? This means that the contract between the home seller and the real estate agent has expired before the home was ever sold. This is not something you ever want to happen to you in the Plymouth County real estate market!
How can you make sure it doesn’t? You’ve got to work with a qualified, successful South of Boston real estate agent, and you need to reasonably price your home for today’s market conditions!
Choosing a Real Estate Agent
South of Boston real estate agents working in today’s market should know how to price your home correctly, even if you don’t. It’s normal for you, as the homeowner, to see your home as being worth more than it really is. You have emotional ties to it, and maybe you bought it for more than it’s worth now. However, agents have all the research for what homes in the Plymouth, MA area are selling for, and they know what yours should be priced for.
Don’t fall for an agent that tells you what you want to hear just so you choose them to represent you. Luckily, as a Plymouth County real estate agent, I’m known for my customer service. My clients’ needs, wants and desires are always the most important factor in my success. You can read my extensive list oftestimonials to see that this is true!
This, plus my knack for marketing in an ever-changing real estate environment, is why I’m ranked in the top 1 percent of all real estate agents in my area. I won’t let you down!
Pricing Your Home Correctly
The number one reason why homes don’t sell is because they are priced too high. Luckily, things are starting to turn around in the South of Boston real estate market! After years as a Buyer’s Market, home inventory is slowing down, allowing sellers to increase their prices.
Still, homebuyers don’t have money to burn and are holding out for a good deal. You’ve got to be realistic with your price. Because you see your home as worth more than it is, this is where a professional real estate agent really comes in handy to lend you a neutral, fact-filled opinion on what your home value is and when you should lower the price.
The key to pricing is to price it to sell right from the get go. If homebuyers see that your home has been on the South of Boston real estate market for an extended period of time, they’ll start to wonder why no one else wanted it, and they’ll assume you’ll be more willing to negotiate. Instead, we can work together toprice it right the first time!
If you’re ready to sell, contact me, your Plymouth County real estate agent! If you’ve still got questions or concerns, I’m always available to answer your questions. I promise that I will put your needs before mine, in hopes that I can add you to my list of satisfied client testimonials! It’s a busy summer season forpotential homebuyers in the Plymouth, MA area. Don’t wait to sell!