🏑  Spring is almost here and March is a great month to continue to focus on indoor cleaning and maintenance.  Here are 7 suggestions to help you keep your home clean and organized as Spring approaches πŸ“ :

βœ…  Repair any Interior Wall Damage; touch up/re-paint as needed

βœ…  Check and Repair any broken Window Screens, Cracks, etc.

βœ…  Clean & Touch up Baseboards and Doors with Paint

βœ…  Sweep and Mop under Oven & Refrigerator

βœ…  Reorganize & Wash Inside of Cabinets

βœ…  Clean Garbage Disposal (Crush Ice, Baking soda & Citrus Rinds)

βœ…  Flush Hot Water Heater & Remove Sediment

Stay tuned each month for more helpful tips on our blog!