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Why Buy with ALANTE Real Estate

The secret’s out: Buying a house is a big deal. Not only is your home where you’ll spend your personal time with your family, it’s also a huge financial investment. At ALANTE Real Estate, we aim to minimize your stress. We hand-pick our agents based not only on qualifications and experience, but also on passion, kindness, positivity, and a desire to grow. What does that combination mean for you?

Service Over Sales: We define ourselves by our service, not our sales. We find that when we focus on raising our level of service, the sales aspect of things sort of takes care of itself. An overwhelming majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers; that’s no accident. We work hard to create a home buying experience that is transparent, stress-free, and maybe even a little bit fun.

Full-Time Commitment: Every agent at ALANTE is full-time. What does that mean for you? It means the schedule that matters is yours. It means a better level of communication. It means the agent you’re working with has one job: to get you into the home of your dreams. From the initial home search to bidding and negotiations through the contract phase and closing (including attorney representation for your Purchase & Sale Agreement), your ALANTE agent will be with you every step of the way.

What Matters to YOU: Our team’s wealth of knowledge about the many cities and towns in the South Shore area lets us match our buyers with homes and communities that suit their lifestyles and needs. We’re here to answer the questions that matter the most to your daily life: the quality of the schools your children will attend, the traffic on the roads you’ll take to work, the nearest parks and shops and restaurants where you’ll spend your free time.

We’ve Got Skills: But just being knowledgeable about the area isn’t enough. Our unique structure allows us to maximize every team member’s strengths. Our agents are problem solvers. They are strong negotiators. They are skilled and smart and possess a tremendous attention to detail. Plus, when you work with an ALANTE agent, you get our whole team of specialists. Once your purchase moves into closing, you’ll be kept up to date by our dedicated closing department.

Mobile Matters: Finally, our agents are fully equipped to do business in the 21st century. We’ve invested in iPads and all the best apps and services to make your search and purchase as easy as possible. From the customizable home search on this website to the digital signatures we use to save time and paper, we believe in a fast, responsive, user-friendly approach to real estate.

We treat our clients like they’re our family. Bringing clarity and ease to buying your home isn’t just our job: it’s in our DNA.

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