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Why Sell with ALANTE Real Estate

Combining the skill and experience of our full-time real estate professionals with our innovative, in-house marketing team means every property we list gets the royal treatment. ALANTE agents are equipped with the latest in tools and technologies. Our agents are honest, they are skilled negotiators, and they are excellent communicators. We’re invested in the communities we work in–because we live there, too. Most importantly, our agents put their clients first. That’s the ALANTE difference.

When you list your home with ALANTE, you’ll work with:

  • Dedicated, expert agents with full-time availability you won’t get anywhere else
  • Specialized marketing teams for offline and online campaigns
  • Connections to local businesses that will fix your home up to get you top dollar
  • Professional photographers and videographers that beautifully showcase your property
  • An experienced closing department team that finalizes your deal with confidence

Some offices love the idea of super-agents wearing all kinds of hats, handling every last one of your needs single-handedly. If that works for them, that’s great. At ALANTE, we don’t think real estate agents are the best graphic designers, photographers, or social media gurus. That’s why we employ a team of people with complementary skills that can walk you through your entire transaction with ease.


How will your home be marketed?

Different properties appeal to different kinds of buyers. One of the benefits of working with an independent company is the flexibility to market each home uniquely. The real estate professionals at Alante love to develop marketing plans that showcase your property the best way possible. The wide list of marketing avenues we specialize in includes:

Website Marketing: Can you imagine buying a home without seeing professional photographs and a complete floor plan? Neither can we. Other companies will take care of the basics, but ALANTE goes the extra mile when it comes to publicizing your listing online. After we carefully stage your home, our team brings in professional photographers and videographers to capture your property looking its best. Our website is equipped with a powerful technology that showcases our South Shore listings beautifully with strong search engine optimization.

Floorplan Online: When a potential buyer finds your property online, we make sure we keep their focus. One of the best ways to do that? It’s simple: give them what they’re looking for. Buyers rank floorplans second only to high-quality photos when it comes to their online home search. We’ll provide them with both. Floorplan Online is a great service that lets buyers see your home’s layout before scheduling a visit. It seems like common sense to us: it saves everyone time and gives your house an edge over other properties listed online. The only part that doesn’t make sense is why other real estate offices aren’t using it, too.

Social Media: We have a multi-tiered approach to boosting your listing’s visibility and one of the best ways to do that is through social media. Our strong social presence helps raise awareness about each of our properties. Alante agents are committed to staying connected with our community online, plus our in-house marketing team brings an extra level of social media savvy to the table.

Targeted Exposure: While we have made great strides toward becoming a paperless office in our transactions, that doesn’t extend to our marketing plans. Studies show that no, print is not dead, and actually remains a very smart way to market your home–if it’s done right. We’re committed to implementing stylish mailings to ensure your property is seen by the right sets of eyes. Targeted exposure isn’t just limited to physical mail, however… we’re also firm believers in sending emails that are filled with valuable, relevant information like homebuyer tips and fresh listing updates.

Mobile: Every day that passes, it’s likelier and likelier that you’re reading this paragraph on a mobile screen. Even if you’re not, you’ve surely noticed how omnipresent those devices have become. More and more buyers are using their phones or their tablets and taking their search to the streets. It’s why our website and our home search were designed to be mobile-friendly.

Centralized Showings System: We equip our agents with a centralized showings system that ensures your security while increasing efficiency. The system verifies the legitimacy of each agent requesting to show their client your property. It also allows us to document each and every appointment online, which we use to follow up on each showing with a customized questionnaire. We analyze these surveys and present the information to our clients, keeping them informed at all times.

Signage: The bigger the transaction, the more important every detail becomes. We take pride in the way we represent our clients in every step of the way. A “For Sale” sign in the front yard is still the surest way to know a property is available and that’s why we use top-of-the-line aluminum, reflective signs on white vinyl posts.

At ALANTE Real Estate, we combine email, direct mail, social media, photos, videos, mobile technology, and traditional real estate marketing to show the world your home. Take a look at other marketing plans–we’re confident our services and our strategies are unsurpassed. We’d love to talk to you directly about building a plan that works for you.

We are confident ALANTE stands apart from the competition.