Amanda Estey
Marketing Associate

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” A powerful quote can influence your life with only a few words, inspiring you to follow the sparks that light the fires of success and passion.

Sparks throughout her lifetime like marrying the love of her life, getting a perfect score on her thesis for her Master’s degree while working full time, basking in the birth of her son, and opening her own marketing and design agency have fanned the flame of Amanda’s soul fire. She’ll be the first to admit that fearless pursuit didn’t always describe her journey, but she has continually persevered and striven for that ideal.

Ambitious, competitive and compassionate, Amanda aspires to work alongside like-minded, creative individuals. With a successful marketing career that has spanned almost 14 years and taken her around the world, she has managed tradeshows and events, developed and executed successful marketing plans, and elevated brands through thoughtful strategy and creativity.

Amanda lives to thrill her clients and stakeholders with excellent outcomes. Amanda expertly gives each project the level of attention to detail she’d want done for her. Her colleagues appreciate her dedication, hard work, reliability, and talent in solving problems. Her ability to see the solutions through to resolution is unmatched. Her easy-to-work-with demeanor and witty attitude compliment her tenacity. Her passion for client success effortlessly aligns with Susana Murphy’s vision for ALANTE, to make all feel welcome and taken care of.

As a mother, Amanda’s soul fire is lit by her young family and by all the incredible moments that make each day memorable. Truly star-crossed lovers, Amanda met her husband at the tender age of 15. The youthful sparks of love were immediate, but distance would hinder their kindling romance. Over 1,500 miles and 3 states separated them in the beginning. Amanda went to college and her husband served in the Coast Guard. After several years apart, Amanda and Brandon reunited with a kiss under shooting stars. From there the rest was history! Marriage, a home, starting their family with a Silver Labrador named Seeger, welcoming the birth of their first son and on to navigating their new lives as parents and guardians…these milestones and challenges have woven their family fabric even tighter. Teaching her son to be a good human being is an extraordinary passion for her. Amanda and her husband are proud of the life they have brought into this world, and are dedicated to nurturing not only their son but their marriage as well.

Amanda is also actively getting back into playing soccer. Having loved the game since she can remember, she’s always played in some capacity through high school, college and adulthood. Balancing her career and motherhood have not made it easy to partake in games or practices. But Amanda is finally ready to get back on the field, even though it’s a slow and painful process. Being part of a team (and winning, of course!) is still a thrill for her. 

A hard-core Bruins fan, Amanda yearns for fall weather and the color-changing of the season. She also loves to bake for family and friends.

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