Update your address 🏡

Start updating your address with your bank, subscriptions, and any other important contacts. A simple bank or credit card statement can remind you of services to change. 

  • Banks & Credit Card Services (Once a Credit Card is updated often you will need to go back and update the billing address in all your subscriptions- don't want Amazon to not be able to find you!)

  • Work

  • Schools

  • Doctors

  • Vets

  • Anyone you may be an emergency contact for (did they put you on the forms?)

  • Wills or other Legal Records

  • Government Agencies (RMV, Town Voting, Post Office, Passport)

  • Business Associations or Clubs

  • Magazine or Newspaper Subscriptions

  • Delivery Services (Amazon, Meal Prep, Recurring Deliveries, Prescriptions)

  • Insurance Providers

    • Medical & Pet

    • Car

    • Homeowners

    • Home, Appliance or Vendor Warranties

    • AAA

  • Home Maintenance Providers

    • Security Systems

    • Lawn/Snow Removal

    • Plumber, Electrician or other preferred vendors offices

  • Family & Friends

    • Don't forget to tell them where you are going, that is unless they didn’t sign up to help you pack and load the moving truck… then it's up to you!

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