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4 Tips for Hosting an Open House in the Winter

Watch the Weather

New England weather is unpredictable.  Although you may have an open house scheduled based on the forecasted weather, it's important to keep an eye on it!  If you're expecting inclement weather, its important to prepare and decide if it's still worth hosting the Open House or if there is another day that may be better and get more people into your home.

Create an Appropriate Entry Space

As we continue into the colder winter months the chances of snow grow stronger.  It's important that you have a place for visitors in your home to have a space to take off their bulky winter jackets and their snowy boots in order to keep your home clean!  If you have a coat rack, be sure it is placed where it is visible to guests so they can hang up their jacket!  If you have a front porch or stairway, be sure the space is cleared of any snow and ice melt has been poured so that there is no ice that could lead to a slippery fall. 

Make it Bright & Welcoming

Winter brings shorter days and gloomy weather, so you might want to bring in and turn on as much light as possible since bright and airy houses are much more appealing to buyers. Make sure you take draperies down and clean those windows to let the sun shine in!  In addition to clear, bright windows, it's important that you leave all lights on throughout the home to create a welcoming environment.

Set the Thermostat

Having a constant stream of visitors in the house also means the door will be opening and closing. Consider the continuing loss of heat when setting the temperature to ensure that you keep your home cozy and warm but not to the point that people feel stifled and stuffy or too chilled!

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