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🌷 5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring Market 🌷

✅ Curb Appeal

First impressions last.  The outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer sees which makes cleaning up your landscaping paramount to the successful sale of your home.  Although trees and shrubbery will not be full quite yet, it is still important to make sure your lawn is cleared of leaves, twigs and bushes are trimmed. 

A fresh coat of paint on the front door will help your home stand out and appear more inviting. 

Be sure to clean the gutters and pressure wash your home's siding so your home does not appear unkept.

✅ Declutter

The time to start this process is NOW!  Decluttering is the least expensive option when prepping your home for selling in the Spring market and is also extremely impactful.  Buyers want to envision themselves in your home. Cleaning up will improve the overall feel of your home and allow buyers to feel comfortable and relaxed when viewing your home.  The best way to declutter is to gather your rarely used items including extra furniture, knickknacks and other personal items.

✅ Paint

Certain paint colors may not appeal to a wide range of buyers.  Rooms with bold colors will make the room feel smaller than it may be - paint these rooms to a fresh, clean white to show it off.

Do you know what the top selling paint colors are for 2018?  We do and we'll gladly send them to you! 

✅ Maximize Light

Natural light is one of the most sought after qualities of a home.  Walk through your home and remove heavy drapery, replace light bulbs and clean your windows to let as much light in as possible!

✅ Clean & Ventilate 

Homeowners often times become desensitized to odors in their homes.  When the weather permits, open the windows and allow the air to circulate throughout your home.  As your home is being prepped to sell, dust will stir and cleaning each room will be very important. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and consider hiring a professional cleaning company to come in just before your home hits the market to ensure all the nooks and crannies have been cleaned.

Would you like a copy of our comprehensive staging guide? If yes, let us know here!

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