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5 Tips for Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and with the change in weather and the beauty of the great outdoors calling you, the urge to be out and about is irresistible. But before you go enjoying the wonderful outdoors, there is that sometimes dreaded chore that inevitably must be tackled: Spring Cleaning! If you're feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start, check out a few tips to make things a breeze!

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Decluttering is Key

Take a good look at the things you currently have at home and start with de-cluttering your space. If you can, use markers (like colored tape or Post-Its) to label items for "keeping", "storing",  and "trash". This will make it easier for you to sort things out in boxes later on. Placing all the items in specific piles or in a designated area also makes it easier for you to see and visualize how you would like your space to look like after cleaning is done.

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Set Small Goals

There's no hard and fast rule that says all your spring cleaning needs to be done in a day or two. If you're busy with work, kids, or both, partition your tasks to adjust to the time that you can spare. Only have a few hours per week? Tackle your cleaning room by room. Doing it one room at a time will help keep you focused and ensure that you give things a thorough clean. Better yet, enlist the help of your kids or partner to make things move along faster.

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Check Your Supplies

Prepare a basic checklist of the things that you will need to prepare for cleaning and make sure you have them readily available. The most frequently used supplies are cleaners (all-purpose, glass, carpet), rubber gloves, cloth dusters, and disinfectants. Put them together in a portable caddy so that you can tote them as you go. Other supplies you might want to consider are easy to prepare meals for you and your helpers (to minimize long breaks in the middle of cleaning), trash bags for sorting and throwing away, packing tape, storage bins, and of course some energetic music to get you in the right mood.

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Mind Your Fridge

While you're doing your cleaning, don't forget to address your fridge. You might be diligent enough to check and chuck expired items religiously, but there might be condiments and other "back of the shelf" items you may have forgotten about. Take everything out, give the shelves (and the containers) a little spray with water and a little vinegar, then wipe everything down. While you're at it,  now is a good time to organize the fridge. Place easily perishable items in the middle shelf, bottom drawers are great for fruits and vegetables, and condiments can be placed in the door.

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The Final Touch

Once you're done with cleaning your home from top to bottom, finish up with a little personal touch to make the place pop out. Replace your beddings and linens, spray or plug-in air fresheners for that extra clean scent, and place accents of color in each room. Finally, decorate a little with flowers or plants, a new vase or knickknack, or even a couple of family portraits. And congratulate yourself for a job well done.

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