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Top 5 Homebuyer Turnoffs

1. Neglected Exterior

Curb appeal will play a big role in attracting potential buyers, it's the first impression for potential buyers so it's important that you don't neglect the exterior of your home. Cracks on the driveway, peeling paint, damaged roof and gutters, or a unkept yard or garden can potentially make buyers feel as though the inside of your home might be the same way!  Prior to selling, make sure you take care of your yard and outdoors as well, even if you need to invest in professional services to make sure you have yourself covered.

2. Dark Interiors

Light and warmth are two of the most important factors in attracting a potential buyer, especially as it gets darker earlier in the day!  A poorly lit home can be an instant turn-off since it makes the property appear dingy and dark in place.  It's important to ensure all of the lights and lightbulbs are new and matching!  There is nothing worse than multiple shades of light bulbs in the same room.   A dark house may also seem unwelcoming to visitors, and therefore undesirable to have.

3. Personal Items & Clutter

No one wants into a house that looks lived in.  Buyers prefer to see presentable homes even if there's still someone living in the house. Messy bathrooms, crowded kitchen counters, family pictures on walls or personalized knickknacks are sure to make it more difficult for a buyer to envision themselves living in the home.  Of course we understand that you still live in your house, and these may be the effects of daily life, but you need to consider that these factors to make a difference when you're selling your home. Keeping things clean and essentially “blank” will help them to better see their furniture and personal belongings in the house, which could help your chances to sell!

4. Crazy Paint Colors

We understand if your home has paint or wallpaper in unconventional shades or designs, if that's what your unique style may be. Colors can have a strong effect on mood, and tones that are unpleasant to the eye can easily distract a potential buyer from the other positive aspects of your home. It's important that you paint over these colors and choose light and bright shades of white, that can make your rooms look inviting, larger and brighter.  This allows buyers to look at a blank canvas and imagine what they would do with the space!

5. Unpleasant Odors

Walking into a house, any noticeable, heavy odors such as lingering cooking smells, cigarette smoke, or the smell of animals, can make a bad impression on any home buyer. Our sense of smell tends to impact memories and emotions, so distinctively unpleasant scents could impact how they would perceive and recall the viewing experience in your home. Prior to any showing, open up the windows to get some air-flow. We would also recommend that you light a candle in a vanilla scent as this tends to be a generally pleasant smell for most!  If you don't like candles, you can use a diffuser or even plug-ins in various rooms.

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