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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

🏑  Winter is an important time of year to focus on preventative maintenance while the cold weather is starting to set in!  Prevent big disasters by taking the right steps to prepare your home for the dead of Winter. Here is our checklist of things that will help you keep your home in tip-top shape this time of year πŸ“ :

βœ…  Protect your Entry; Floors can really take a beating in the winter.  Increase the longevity of your flooring by using indoor & outdoor doormats at each entrance to your home.

βœ…  Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors! This is especially important when you're all cooped up for the winter with the windows closed and fireplaces going (wood burning or gas!)

βœ…  Make sure your gutters are cleaned out & ensure your attic insulation is adequate.  No one wants to deal with ice dams in the frigid cold of winter!

βœ…  Take out Window Screens.  Taking our screens allow for more natural light & prevent snow from getting trapped between the screen and glass.

βœ…  Keep walkways & paths cleared of snow and ice by having ice-melt on hand 

βœ… Stop drafts and cold air from coming in; boost your home’s energy efficiency and stop cold air in its tracks. Check doors, windows, outdoor faucets and air vents to prevent cold air from coming through.

βœ…  Have your Fireplace(s) swept.  You'll never know if there is any blockage until it's too late.  This is a good practice each year if you plan to use your wood-burning or gas fireplace.

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