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At ALANTE, we provide a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your home. Our approach includes targeted Facebook advertising, email marketing, content marketing and personalized 1-to-1 outreach.

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More than a house; a home. 

The homes we list are much more than a mere structure constructed from bricks and mortar. 

It is an embodiment of life, a repository of countless events, celebrations, and cherished memories.

Within those walls, homes cradle prized possessions, art that reflects the homeowners' tastes and personality, toys that have brought joy to children, and souvenirs collected from meaningful journeys. Each item holds a story, a connection to moments that have shaped the lives of those who dwell within.

Beyond the physical boundaries of the property lies the community it resides in, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of neighbors. From the picturesque views that greet the eyes each morning to the rooms where laughter echoes, where meals are shared, and where dreams are envisioned, a home encompasses the very essence of living.

When homeowners contemplate selling their abode, it becomes more than a simple financial transaction. It is parting with a sanctuary filled with memories and emotions, making the pricing process emotionally charged. The value attributed to a home goes beyond its physical characteristics; it encapsulates the love, laughter, and moments shared within those walls.

Understanding the profound emotional significance that homeowners attach to their properties, we approach the marketing of your homes with a unique perspective - one that weaves a narrative based on the art of storytelling. 

Our belief is simple yet profound: if a home could express itself, what would it reveal about the life it has nurtured?

By embracing this approach, we connect potential buyers not just with the physical attributes of the property but with the compelling story it holds. We paint a picture of the cherished memories through our various marketing strategies.

The result is a profound emotional connection between the property and the prospective buyers, fostering genuine affection from those who seek to make the house their new home. This emotional bond often transcends the boundaries of traditional real estate transactions, leading to quicker and more satisfying sales.

Furthermore, our commitment to storytelling extends beyond individual homes. The tales we craft about each property we represent attract more listings, as sellers recognize the power of sharing their home's unique story.

Stunning Property Websites.

We'll first start with getting to know the clients and their home. Being able to utilize storytelling through our process is important to us. 

Then we will get to know the location, is their beaches? Is it in a private desirable neighborhood? 

We do the work in highlighting all the unique qualities of your home and location. 

From there we are able to hand craft a beautiful webpage to feature your home in a way that makes it stand out from any other real estate portal. 💻

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Design Matters. We'll Make Your Home Shine.


Stories drive action. One of our favorite ways to market listings is through storytelling. 

One way we do this is through a series of targeted email blasts, sent to our carefully curated database - over 20K+ people. 

Our Emails Make An Impression.

Our Email Strategy


We love Social Media. 

IG has allowed us to connect with our community through engagement. 🤩

On IG you get to see behind the scenes of in the office, first access to new content, out in the field - as well as in our local communities. 🙌

It's always a good time on IG, check us out below! ⤵️

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Facebook Ads.

We utilize Facebook advertising to reach 10,000+ people and are sure to highlight your home's best features. This strategy helps engage buyers and sellers in a compelling way. 

Our Facebook Marketing

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Video Marketing

We’re on YouTube! Our videos range from home property tours, to community spotlights, and more... to build a following of home buyers and sellers in our community that we love!

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We partnered with the best.

Through our exclusive agreement with Curaytor, one of Inc's 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America, we get access to the industry's best advertising tactics, email marketing tools, and a state-of-the-art website to beautifully showcase your home online.

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Our approach combines the benefits of a traditional brokerage with the added value of urgency created by a complete and well-rounded personalized marketing campaign.

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