We're a small boutique brokerage with a BIG heart.

We created ALANTE to fill a void. One defined by service not by sales.

Our name is taken from the words and sentiments our founder heard as a child growing up in coastal Spain each time someone knocked on her parents door. It means welcome. Come in. Move forward. These embody the spirit of our work.

We love our community. Clean air. Four Seasons. Celtics. Red Sox. Patriots. Lobster. Cape Cod. The coast. Boston on New Years Eve.

Family. friends. A big meal cooked at home. A romantic kiss in public. Doing the unexpected. Having the unexpected done to you. Fairness. Our kids in a school play. A dozen roses. Oysters and beer. Long walks on the beach. These are things that define us.

We are good listeners. We are doers. We believe mind, body and spirit should be in harmony.

We don't use business speak. Especially terms commonly used in real estate. Like sales. Leads. Production. They demean clients.

We are truthful. We won't say things we know you want to hear just to make you happy. We prefer to make you happy by saying the things we believe you need to hear in order to help you make the best decision possible.

We hand pick our agents. Qualifications and experience is very important. In tandem with kindness. Passion. A positive attitude. And a healthy desire to grow beyond their comfort zone.

We don't view a cup as half full or half empty. We believe a cup isn't worth describing until it has a few shots of really good espresso added to it.

We love our profession.  We all chose to do this as our career because helping people who are about to make this journey in life should do so with as much clarity and ease as possible. This is deeply woven into our DNA.


We'd Love To Meet You Join Our Team

We love what we do.

The journey of buying or selling real estate is not about us, it's about you! We love guiding and advising our clients from day 1 to years after closing day!

$300+ M

in Real Estate Sold


Leaders in Luxury Marketing


5 Star Google Reviews


Families assisted

Our Core Values..

We chaperone. Our presence provides a safeguard for those involved in the purchase and sale of a home. We’re joyous. 

We champion our clients and our peers. We root for their success. 

We cheer for their wins. We’re loving. We don’t get mad. We don’t get even. 

We never take things personally. 

We are forgiving. Respectful. We’re empathetic. 

We sense when people need an extra hug and won’t hesitate to extend our arms and squeeze a little tighter. 

We’re sensitive. We listen. We pay attention. 

We are driven by the reasonable needs of others. We’re strong.

 We exude expertise and leadership. We step in and take control and we do it to safeguard and protect our clients. 

We’re selective. We believe in personalization. There is no one size fits all here. 

We are rebels. We follow our convictions. No one else’s. 

We’re demure. We caress. We oblige. We refrain. We speak when spoken to. We try to say the right things. We let others have the last word. 

We’re passionate. We love what we do. We don’t aspire to do a good job. We aspire that everything we do becomes memorable. 

We hold doors open for people. 

We make sure others feel comfortable.

We embrace lessons and learn from them. We lead.

We support each other. 

We proceed cautiously.

We get second opinions. 

We share credit. 

We balance work and personal life.

We experiment with new ideas. Once we perfect something only then do we employ it as practice. Actions speak louder than words. We don’t say what we do. At ALANTE, we simply do it. We keep the promises we make. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We make no excuses. We take responsibility for our actions and we own up to our weaknesses. We are not complainers. We isolate problems, acknowledge them and seek solutions. 

We tell the truth. We make sure that people never wonder what we are thinking. We are grateful and express that often. 

We are students of life. While we may rest from time to time, we never stop learning or growing.

We don’t give up. We believe there is always a way.

We treat everyone with respect, including our competition.


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