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Final Walkthrough FAQ Page

What's a Final 


During the final walk-through, the buyers and their agent will inspect the property one last time. They will verify that the house is in the condition they agreed upon and that any repairs have been properly carried out. Receipts of  all repairs agreed upon will need to be present at the final walk through.

Who Joins the Final Walkthrough?

At the final walk-through, it's usually the buyers,  their real estate agent and oftentimes the seller’s agent. They team up to take one last look at the place before sealing the deal. It's like a final inspection to make sure everyone's happy with how things are before the keys are handed over!

When is the Final Walkthrough?

Typically the final walk-through occurs the day before the actual closing date but could be as late as the morning of the closing. It depends on the buyers schedule as well as when the home is completely moved out of. 

When is the Final Walkthrough scheduled?

This can be penciled in as early both sides know schedules and moving timelines. However, it is usually officially locked in the week of the closing.

Should the house be empty for the Final walkthrough?

 Yes, the house is empty for the final walk-through. The buyers need to see the home as it will be conveyed to them.

What if we can’t get the trash removed in time or the dumpster is still here?

 Let us know so we can talk to the buyer's agent, but it usually isn't an issue if known ahead of time. 

Nails on the wall ... To remove or not to remove?

We ask that our sellers remove nails and any wall fixtures/mounts not conveying with the sales. Patch and touch-up paint those holes is a great way to ensure that you have a happy buyer during the walk through!

How long does the final walkthrough take?

The final walkthrough usually takes around an hour plus. Buyers will be checking various aspects of the house to ensure everything is as expected and in good working condition.

How do you prepare for a walkthrough?

To prepare for the final walk-through, make sure the house is clean and tidy. Ensure that all agreed-upon repairs have been completed, and have any necessary documents related to the property ready for the buyers to review. And take a look at our full list of what to do room by room!

Can a buyer back out at the final walkthrough?

Generally, it's unlikely for buyers to back out at the final walk-through stage unless there are significant issues that were not disclosed or properly addressed before. Most of the time, this step is more about ensuring everything is in order before closing.

What happens if you find problems during 

final walkthrough?

 If any problems are identified during the final walk-through, you and the buyers will need to discuss how to address them before the closing. Depending on the nature of the issues, this could involve negotiating hold backs, credits, or other solutions to ensure both parties are satisfied before the deal is finalized.

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