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The Top 7 Pre-Listing Updates 


How to prep my home for sale

Winter is the perfect time to plan ahead for potential home-buyers! Making the proper pre-listing updates can make all the difference when it comes to enticing prospective buyers. Whether you're just freshening up the paint on your front door, or fully updating your kitchen appliances - investing time and resources into the top 7 pre-listing updates will pay off in spades come wintertime. 

Taking the extra steps now to make sure your new home stands out from among the pack will make all the difference. 

1. Interior and exterior paint 🎨

Although a simple yet daunting task for some - everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Start with reviving the interior and exterior of your house. Doing this prior to listing provides benefits, such as adding visual appeal and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

 Updating the paint color of your interior walls can really spruce up a room and bring out any furniture and decorations hidden in the shadows with just one coat of paint. 

In addition, painting the exterior to give your home that extra shine and make it stand out can be easily achieved with a little elbow grease - resulting in serious curb appeal for potential buyers! All it takes is that love at first sight first impression.

2. All about the curb appeal! 💐

One of the pros of living on the beautiful South Shore + Cape is the opportunity to experience the full beauty of all four seasons. 

One of the cons? Potholes and cracked pavement.

 What’s worse? When the snow melts and spring sets in, weeds pop up— making it look extremely unflattering that’s instantly seen by potential buyers as they walk up to your home... we've all been there.

While cracks in pavement and walkways are normal, they have a significant negative effect on curb appeal, which can lead to less offers and more days on the market. 

Luckily, re-paving driveways and walkways is an easy fix. Paired with some quick edging to clean up the lines of your lawn, you can create a clean-cut pathway to your front door that will give potential buyers a positive first step into their forever home! 

3. Roof and gutter repairs 

Harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on roofs and gutters just as much as pavement.

 If not removed, the thawing and freezing cycle of relentless snow can cause ice dams and icicles, which can potentially lead to leaks, cracks, and cave-ins. It's a no no. 

4. Repairing insulation

Going through and scoping out sealants around your entries is important. Making sure nothing is cracked from frigid temps, definitely check your doors and window areas. 

 It’s a simple fix, and an easy way to prove to home buyers that your home is well kept. 

5. Dead and weak trees

Dead and weak trees pose a serious risk virtually anywhere, but even more so in towns that receive hefty snowfall. 

Trees that are likely to cause property damage will come up in the inspection, so it’s a good idea to get them taken care of before listing to prevent delays to closing!

6. Flooring

Updating flooring before selling is common country wide. If home features had superlative awards, flooring would be voted “most likely to be damaged.” It literally gets walked all over daily. On top of the fact that flooring is likely to be scratched or experience fading over time, it takes up a large surface area of any home, and preferences vary and change.

Some of the highest turnaround for updating flooring include: 

⚙️ Refinishing hardwood floors that have been worn-down or stained

⚙️ New hardwood flooring

7. Update your kitchen + bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are a focal point for every home buyer, securing them a spot on almost every pre-listing preparation list. 

From painting cabinets or vanities and swapping hardware to completely remodeling spaces, you’ll want to discuss which improvements you should make to your kitchens and bathrooms with your realtor.

Thinking of selling? 

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